Dealing with redundancy


I am going to start by explaining my experience with redundancy and then go on to some tips which I have found made the whole process more bearable – and actually turned my experience into a pretty inspiring period within my life.

2016 wasn’t my best year, in fact it could hardly be classed as a good year compared to others. I graduated in 2015 and, like many other graduated, was full of optimism. I landed my first job towards the end of the year and moved into my first flat with my boyfriend. This job wasn’t great but was as far as I saw it a stepping stone onto greater things. January arrived and I found out there was the possibility of being made redundant – just 6 months in to the role. However, I wasn’t gutted, I was to some extend curious to see what my next steps would be. I ended up being made redundant, but luckily found a new job just a month later within a role which I had wanted since graduating. 7 months later I was made redundant again, with the sales dropping dramatically after Brexit the company I was working for had to let a few of us go to keep above water. This time I was gutted and felt incredibly low.

I’ve been “redundant” now for 4 months and these are things I have found help in keeping me a productive, happy individual;

Set a routine

Waking up and having no job to go to can some days be the hardest thing, but as soon as I set a routine I found that my mood increased ten fold. I set my alarm for 8 and force myself to get up and get on with my day. This is so important, and could be the difference between a good and bad day. Get a diary and plan your days, so when you wake up you immediately have something to be getting ready for.


Seriously. Take a shower or bath – everyday. Don’t sit around stagnating ;). When your so down it can get to the point where you question what the point of taking a shower is. Just do it, you’ll feel ready to take on the day and your new, organised schedule!

Set aside time to apply for jobs – but not too much

One of the things I found myself doing was applying for jobs Don’t do it! Yes you need to keep applying and working on your CV but your whole day shouldn’t be based around this. There’s more to life than getting a job. When you realize this, your days will become a lot more pro-active.


For me this was so important! I do Yoga everyday, and it is such a huge pick me up. Some days I will go on a walk as well, just to get me out of the flat and get some fresh air. Get yourself into the habit of doing something good for yourself everyday and you will see the changes – I promise!

Explore new opportunities/Socialize 

Now is the perfect time to look into exploring new avenues and possibly meet new people. It could be a free class in your area, a museum or simply just finding a new hobby. All of the things you could never find the time to do when you had a job ;).

Plan your meals

Another thing I have discovered since being made redundant is meal planning. I make a list for the coming week of food that I am going to make from scratch ready for the big shop. This forced me to explore new recipes and eat healthier – and actually save some money. The other half jokes about not wanting me to go back to work, he’s become accustomed to having a fresh, tasty meal on the table when he arrives home from work!

Never feel like there is no hope – my boyfriend was out of a job for 9 months, then landed an amazing job with lots of prospects completely out of the blue. Just be patient – and in the mean time, make the most of your time off. x


Setting intentions for 2017


When we think about setting resolutions for the coming year, we seem to jump to the larger tasks in life and insist that this year is going to be the year that I do/get X, and then feel unmotivated when we realize later in the year that maybe it’s not going to happen. This year I have decided to make a change to the way that I set intentions to the coming year. I have decided rather than setting myself up for failure I am going to make smaller changes to my daily life that will help me on my way to achieving the larger goals.

This year I have split my list into 3 categories; Things I want to achieve, Things I want to stop doing, and things I want to do more of this year.

Things I want to achieve this year:

I have stayed realistic, things that I know I can do within a year if I push myself. It is actually these smaller goals which I find are more pressurized because if I get to the end of the year and haven’t done them then I know it is because of me and my productivity (as apposed to a larger goal which I know deep down I probably wont be able to do within the year). My list this year includes: Building on my portfolio and completing an internship. Two very easy tasks, but which will have a huge impact if I can do them both by the end of this year. But by setting these as my main objectives, they are pushed to the front of my “to-do” list, and will hopefully motivate me to actually get them done.

Things I want to stop doing this year:

For some people this list would be things like giving up smoking/chocolate/alcohol or something to that effect. This year I have considered what I want to change on a more personal level. Things that I know if I stop doing them, will help my mental well being. In this list I have: Caring too much about the future and being too negative. I realize that these thoughts are natural, and I will always care about my future and always be a little bit negative. But I want to take it down a notch so that I can actually just enjoy the here and now! Small changes that will have a huge impact on my mentality to new challenges – welcoming them rather than running away.

Things I would like to do more of this year:

Again with this one I wanted to make sure that my objectives were attainable. In this list I have: Experience more, sewing, reading and baking. Rather than sitting on my laptop or watching TV I want to experience more – just in a very general sense, going for a walk to a part of the city that I never have before, visiting various places which are so close by that I never make the time to go and see. I’m also hoping to make more time for my hobbies, I am aiming to complete a sewing project or two once a month, as well as baking things that I usually buy from the shop and reading to relax rather than TV/social media.

Once you have decided on these intentions it is important to keep them in pain sight. For me I have put them in the front of my diary – a place where I will see them everyday and be motivated. You could make the list and put it up somewhere with relevance to your intentions for the coming year, for example if yours are to make healthier choices with food then your kitchen might be the perfect place for your list and help motivate you.

In June I am going to come back to my list and consider if anything has changed, and if not why?

Thanks for reading – lets make 2017 better than 2016! Shouldn’t be too hard 😉 x