255117_2106206932770_2860610_nI’m in my early twenties, and I am currently living in Manchester. I recently graduated with a degree in fashion design, however this blog is going to be based around my hobbies, interests and things I do outside of work to keep myself a happy person! I have been an avid reader of blogs since my early teen years and so have taken the leap and finally made my own.



Things that will appear on EverMindfulness:

My yoga journey – I am currently 9 months in – I love it, and practice everyday. Probably a bit obsessed. Anyways – I thought it would be interesting to document how my journey develops.

Sewing/Other crafty things

Lifestyle – This is going to include things like my thoughts on how we consume things in daily life, how we are so easily advertised to etc. But also my journey on becoming more conscious and aware of how I want to live my life and actually taking the time to enjoy it. There will obviously be some more light hearted things in there too ;).